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hieve the following intended objectives?/h2>

for comprehensive economic administrat▓ion, in the implementation of policies for the medical device industry. Article 5 The State shall classify medical devices and administer them based on this classification Class I Medical Devices are those for which s

?1. Diagnosis,

prevention, monitoring, treatment or

afety and▓ effectiveness can be ensured through routine administration; Class II Medical Devices are those f▓or which further control is required to ensure their safety and effective▓ness Class III Medical Devices are those which are implant

 alleviation o

f disease; 2. Diagnosis, monitorin

ed into the human body, or▓ used for life support or sustenance, or pose potential risk to ▓the human body and thus must be strictly controlled in respect to safety and eff▓ectiveness. The classification catalogue for medical devices ▓shall be stipulated, ad

g, treatmen▓t,
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alleviation of or compensa

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tion for an injury or?/h3>

justed and promulgated by the drug regulatory authority under the State Council, in accordance with 

?handicap conditions;3. I

classification principles after consulting with health authority under the State Council. Article 6 Medical devices pr


oduced and used for the purpose of providing concrete measuring values shall comply with the requirements


replacement▓ or modificat

of the metering law. The detailed product list shall be formulated and promulgated by the drug regul

ion for anatomy or a physiol

atory authority under the State Council, jointly with the metering authority. ▓The Drug Administration Law of the People Re

public of China, revised at the 20th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People Congre

ogical pro

ss on February 28, 2001, is hereby promulgated and shall go into effect as of December 1, 2001. ;DRU

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